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2023: The year of Publications

With 2023 kicking off, exciting projects are coming to a close and approaching their release date.

With previous editions 'Through the Veil, Tales of the Feywild' , and 'Treasures of the Feywild' both with a nearly 5 star rating on DM's Guild, needless to say I was very excited to onboard for volume three, 'Monsters of the Feywild'.

Elise Cretel, project creator also served as my art lead on this project and it was such an immense pleasure to work with her and the incredible team of imaginitive creators on this third volume. It was my largest project to date, with nearly a dozen illustration contributions. Details to follow, but for now, you can find the other two available volumes on DM's Guild here

Through the Veil: Volumes I & II

if you would like to follow updates on Twitter, you can follow the project creator here:


Apocalypse: The Complete Game Master's Guide to Ending the World

A little bit of melodrama in all of us feels like we have survived an apocalyptic tragedy in the aftermath of Covid, but this edition really puts things into perspective. Alan Tucker and his team discuss the project, funded fully on kickstarter and backed by a global community, here:

'Ending your world can be just as daunting a task as creating it. We've gathered some of the best GMs, Designers, and Writers in the TTRPG scene to guide you through how to frame your campaign around a theme, adding moments of humor in an otherwise somber session, adding accessibility to your game, choosing motivations and goals for your antagonists… and so much more!

The advice in these articles won't just assist you in creating a compelling apocalypse, they'll serve to make you a better game master—no matter what type of game you play!

At least a dozen of these articles await to fire your imagination and take your game to the next level!'

I have contributed one doozy of an illustration to this project, from the perfectly twisted imagination of writer, Anna Everts.

It's an honor to be involved with the Indie Games Cooperative, an organization that seeks to lift up bipoc and other marginalized group creators in the gaming industry. Find their Twitter, here:

This interview by Mr. Tarrasque covers a great synopsis of the project:

Keep a look out for more information on release and preorder the project here:

or follow the creator, Alan Tucker, here: (also find him via Mastodon)


More to follow!

There are a few other projects coming along that I'm not yet at liberty to discuss, but will of course write here when info becomes available!

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