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Who I am

As someone who values endless education, I enjoy learning industry-standard tutorials and striving for efficiency. Outside of my passion for learning in my field, I am a very sociable person who likes to attend hobbies such as HEMA combat training, dance, and theater. You might also find me serving some low notes at the local karaoke bar.

Background (She/Her)

​Alysia Mentula studied in New York City for her Associates degree and BFA, completed in 2014. In recent years, her life in the Helsinki Finland region has procured opportunities to grow as a digital artist and graphic designer. Often she can be seen creating outside of these disciplines, such as large-scale painting and modeling for 3d print. Alysia's work can be seen in various global projects and can often be found in cooperation with gaming and theater. 

Notable Achievements

Board member for Social Media and Graphic/Web Design  at Helsinki International Artist's Association

Asset Artist and Concept Artist - Fantastic Tactics Game
Published Illustrator in the Gaming Industry Licensed under Dungeon Master's Guild (D&D)
Notable mention: American
Embassy Moscow 'Imagining Peace' Submission, 'Wings' 2022
Notable mention: American Embassy Moscow 'Imagining Peace' Submission, 'All We Have' 2022, in Partnership with B.A. Van Sise


Illustration, Graphics and More

From web design to subject-driven art such as portraiture, experimental, character design, asset design and concept art in gaming, each vary greatly and I can meet a variety of needs.



Autumn 2010 - Spring 2012

NYC : Associate's Degree / AMDA

Autumn 2013 - Spring 2015

Autumn 2015 - Autumn 2018

September 2019 - Present

Studied at The New School, NYC : Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School for Public Engagement

Entrepreneurial projects: Experience in Email Marketing, Promotional Marketing, Art Direction on various projects. Management, Macy's INC

Graphic Designer at Serplatforms OY 

Entrepreneur at Alysia Mentula Design - Graphic Design and Illustration services. (Est. 2020)

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Clubs and Memberships



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Education and Career

Program Proficiencies


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