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Welcome to my published artworks archive, take a look around and if you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Magebane Eggsac - For Through the Veil - Monsters of the Feywild (Vol. 3)

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DM's Guild

Through the Veil : Monsters of the Feywild

Elise Cretel and others (below)

Through the Veil: Monsters of the Feywild features 200 pages of D&D5e feywild monsters, NPCs, and familars. Packed full of stat blocks and full color art to bring the Fey Realms to your D&D5e table! Get ready for encounters with:

- Winter Baron Frost Knights who are prepared for battle at a moments notice.

- The Mantis Queen and the roguish Mees in her court of thorns and insects.

- The Candiosaurus stomping around the sugar lands.

- Get caught in the Living Blizzard with Ice and Snow Elementals. 

You may also run into these unique creatures in the Feywild!

- Meet the Dream Collector who collects memories from those who dream to add to their collection.

- Lose your sense of time after a run in with the Time Weaving Spider.

- Join the hunting party with Arwan, Lord of the Wild Hunt

- Have a chat with the Wind Up Adventurers*


Through the Veil: Tales of the Feywild (VOL1) ranked in Rogue Watson's top 10 DM's Guild titles of 2020.

Through the Veil is jaw-droppingly gorgeous...The production values are some of the best I’ve seen on the DMs Guild. -Rogue Watson

' a fitting end to an epic series ' - Reddit Review



Producer and Project Lead

Elise Cretel



AJ Pickett, Bennoni Thomas, Connor Dixon, Dan Salvucci, David Serrano, Devin Younge, Duncan Watson, Elise Cretel, Jack LeRogue, Jia Jian Tin, Mark Thomsen, Matt Best, Matthew Moynihan, Micah Watt, Michael Sharp, Nick Stefanski, Peter Harris, Sean Shannon, Simon Menanteau-Ledouble, Spencer Austin



Adam Dahlheim, Dana Floberg, Devin Younge, Duncan Watson, Iam Pace, Jack LeRogue, Jamieson Mulash, Shu Qing Tan


Layout Designer

Chris Hopper


Graphic Designer

Mike Garaffa

Cover Artist

Joshua Meehan


Interior Artists : Alysia Mentula, Ashraf Sazali, Birdee Blake, Catarina Eusébio, Carter Powers, Erin Z. Anderson, Hefestus Cave, Joshua Meehan, Kim WR, Kiril Tchangov, Laura Galli, Lessie Nieves-Paugh, Niki Pell, Olivia Hintz, Rachel Love, Roselysium, Semwise Jansen, Shae Marie Illustration, Stasia Kasse, Tallulah Cunningham, Tifany Gonzalez



(Advice Articles) Mike Shea, Omega Jones, Amy Vorpahl, Andrew Bishkinskyi, Teos Abadia, Cate Osborn, Alan Tucker, Basheer Ghouse, Ryan Langr, Cat Evans, Anthony Joyce-Rivera. (Game Scenarios) Chris Bissette, Panagiotis Christopoulos, Connie Chang, Kat Kruger, James Case, Shu Qing Tan, Amy Vorpahl, Molly Jones, Kandi J. Williams, Cate Osborn, Endhy Pino, Kirsty Kidd, Anna Everts, Basheer Ghouse, Ethan Yen, Erin Roberts, Alan Tucker.




ComettantArtAlysia MentulaClint ThorneEriana Ura-SmithKatie DeGelderJohn LattaMapleDragoonDean Spencer



Drive Thru RPG


Indie Games Cooperative / Alan Tucker

'Who doesn't love a good apocalypse in their tabletop roleplaying game? For the game master, though, creating and running one can be daunting. That's why we published this book!
We brought together a host of the industry's top creators and game masters to give you their best advice on ending your world. In addition, we have 17 game scenarios, spanning all genres and built for adaption to nearly any tabletop roleplaying system you want to run!...



Attention Defecit and Dragons / Team contribution

''We're back again,  this time with even more swords than before. Technically. I mean, last time was actually two years worth of stuff, thirty swords each. This time is just one year's worth but it is looking like we will have more than thirty swords in 'Old Sword Repository: Swordtember 2022' and I am excited to be here again with you all.

Last September, we managed to raise $1400 to help me bring this product to you all and we have met our goals, albeit a bit late with the delivery on some of them. So as of now, both 2020's and 2021's books have Print on Demand for a book as well as for cards on DriveThruRPG. In addition to the digital PDF files. I am even looking into getting a Pathfinder 2e conversion for them.

So, four amazing artists have contributed pieces for the project, and I am busy each night writing up fun and balanced stats for you to use them in your fifth edition games. But also this time, I have made a reward tier so that YOU can design one of these weapons yourself. Once the campaign ends, those that back at this level will get to choose from select pieces of the art and tell me what they want it to do. I will work with that to make fun and balance stats to keep the item as true to the designer's intent as possible. '' - kickstarter detail



AnyaMarie Doyle, Alysia Mentula, Haphestus Cave, Erin Z Anderson

viking sword


prompt: VIKING

flute katana

prompt: MUSICAL

emerald sabre

prompt: MOSS

lava kris (pac isl.)

prompt: LAVA



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