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Exhibition in Helsinki, Helsinki Urban Art


''Stickers have always been an important part of street art culture. Now stickers will be displayed on the walls of Pasila Street Art Center in an exhibition dedicated to them. During the exhibition the center will be covered with a variety of street art stickers.

The exhibition displays specifically street art stickers which one could have also seen in their natural environment in the streets. The stickers have been chosen through open call, and the exhibition features stickers from several artists. Some of them have been sticking stickers on the streets for a long time and some have ended up working with stickers more recently. The exhibition display stickers with different styles, techniques, and sizes.''

Alysia is Exhibiting a sticker entitled ' WINGS ', which as a standalone art piece received an honorable mention from the United States Embassy exhibition, 'Imagine Peace', which took place in Moscow, 2021.

If you're in the neighborhood. pop in and take a look! The exhibition can be viewed freely until December 22nd during gallery’s opening hours:

Wed 12 – 8 PM Thu 12 – 6 PM Fri 12 – 6 PM Sat 1 – 5 PM.

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